Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Status update, post DebConf


I've just returned from DebConf (well, about two days ago) and I'm still readjusting to being home after the great time I had in Nicaragua. Thanks a lot to all of you!

So, how things are for now (short version :D):

- everything I've done so far is now merged in the master branch, here's [0] the commit merging the show_essids branch, now #637128 [1] is closed.

- reproduced #607766 [3], as expected a the question regarding whether DHCP should be used is shown only for lower than medium debconf priority, so it wouldn't appear in a normal installation, and configuring a WEP network without DHCP fails. It does work just fine with WPA somehow.

- still not very sure what happens with #343269 [3], the bug reports are a little bit tangled and I didn't yet look very closely into it.


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