Thursday, 2 August 2012

Status update - D-I improve network config


Here's a short status update:
  • Wrote a patch for netcfg related part in #682737 [1], to make writing configs for the wireless interface in /etc/network/interfaces optional. Added a new question with a medium priority for this which defaults to "false". It's in a separate branch [2].
  • Planning to write a patch to add an option to make netcfg write configs for Network Manager and if NM is installed copy them to base system so that it manages the wireless interface and has an auto connection to the network used during installation.
  • We decided to drop the white spaces changes and only add some more small fixes for magic values, here [3].
  • Added some more logging (basically for every step) and did some more testing on the static config on  a WEP wireless network, here [4].  


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