Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Almost there

Exams period has almost come to an end, only one more to go, tomorrow morning. Thinks were quite busy during this period and my time was fairly limited. Multitasking did not go as well as I had expected, will consider this in the future.

I've spent the last days reading documentation, code and tutorials, which were very helpful, but I did not manage to do much. The Go Back button (#636211) is now done but there are still some fixes that need to be done on the link timeout (#610752). That one took me soooo long, and it's not like there was much to do, I don't know exactly what the problem was :).

One sad way to describe the way thinks worked during this period is by using a quote: "progress coming slowly, if it comes at all". That's from Lord of the Rings, but it's a bit modified (s/progress/change). Ok, that's overreacting. I do feel that I have made some progress, it's not necessarily visible (as in patches, features) but I feel much more confident about what I am doing.

Short post, now back to study. Programming Paradigms (last exam), here I come :))


  1. Hi Sorina,

    I am always very pleased to see an active Romanian member in the project. I suppose you're the active one in bubulle's report for 2012, right? :-)

    The Romanian Debian community is very young and was mostly inactive last year due to the lack of active contributors and people interested in Debian. I will try harder this year to increase project's popularity and attract new members, maybe even in the NM process.

    Would you mind sharing some thoughts on how it's the general atmosphere and workflow, as a view from *inside* the project? I'll make a good post on on that, and maybe increase the general public awareness on this issue.

    Also, I will give a talk on Debian next week at Ceata's HQ (, and I will be more than pleased to have you around as a special guest.

    If you are interested in the growth of Romanian community, please drop me an email at, I have plenty of plans and a big lack of *human* resources, at least for now. I plan to change that in the near future, and hopefully it'll turn out ok.


    1. Hello!

      Thanks for your comment and for the invite, I have answered via email.